Coming from a family of nine, the girls in my family had to participate in cooking for all holidays and Lee's (my mother) catering business which was blessed enough to be in business for 25 years before she retired.


While a student at NJIT, I was asked to make deviled eggs for the dinners we were selling in college to raise money for our organization (NSBE), and I started catering from there. 

Even though my background is in engineering and my degree is in building and construction, I still have always had a passion for cooking.  It's all the same to me, numbers and mixing.  No matter how you see it, you are creating something amazing!  In engineering, numbers and mixing creates unbelievable structures, and in cooking, numbers and mixing creates mouth watering dishes.  I have a love for both but right now, I choose food (smile). 

{We appreciate all of the love and support our community has given us.  It's time for us to give back.  

We host a Fish Fry every year for a community or organization in need of love and support.  100 percent of the proceeds go to you!  Get in touch if you want to feel the love!  We love you too (big smile!)}

BelleJohns' Soul Food was born in April of 2016 do to a heart breaking failure of Lee's House restaurant, about six years earlier.  After mending my heart, paying off all my creditors, saving every penny I could, a lot of research, and help from the SBA and David, (the head of the small business center at Kean University, Union, NJ), I started BelleJohns' (big huge smile!)

I must say "thank you" to Melissa, the coordinator of the South Orange farmers market.  She fought for a year to get me into the market and helped me every step of the way, from paperwork to all the right people to call and hound.  This was my very first market and how I got on the map in NJ.  When everyone else said "NO" to me and my one, little electric house skillet, Melissa found a way to make South Orange say, "YES"!  Thank you so much Melissa, you are a true sister and queen!

Look out for our 22 foot long, food concession trailer in the spring of 2021!  We won't only be frying fish, we will be barbecuing too!

All Blessings, for we are truly loved by the one above!