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Share the LOVE

All year long our community supports us and we are so truly GREATFUL!


The way we give our thanks is not only by saying "thank you" but also by showing it. 

   We cook at a discount for the city of Newark, Soup kitchen 411, to help provide over 300 homeless with healthy baked chicken lunches. 

   We also donated lunch to Roselle sanitation department and to Newark Beth Israel Hospital during the shut down due to COVID. 

   For the past two years we have hosted a gluten free "fish fry" (at our expense) for a school in need of raising funds.  100 percent of all proceeds raised go to the school.  


If you know of a school or community that is deserving of genuine love and support, please, get in touch. 


The way we collect our hugs are by giving back, we could really use a hug now(smile).

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